MAG 322W1 is an improved version of the base model MAG322, with built-in Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g/n. Its powerful dual-core processor, with a clock speed of 750MHz and 512 MB of RAM, processes resource-intensive apps quickly, and HEVC support reduces network load.

 MAG 324 W2 or 424 W3 is the next generation set-top box on a Broadcom chipset that supports HEVC compression. The device, therefore, runs quickly and with minimal network load. Through its HDMI 1.4b output, you can enjoy high-quality video and a stronger WIFI range and an ergonomic design.  Stunning picture, 424 is 4K

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Choose your server + choose your STB including your smart T.V (Certain Samsung/LG models)

                                                        Servers Features

                Prime                                                                         Ultra

           SD & HD                                                                   4K resolution

  Great selection of channels (3000)                 Extensive selection of Channels(8500)

  Works with limited models MAG STB           Works with all models of MAG STB

                                                    Works with Samsung/LG smart T.V's  

                                                        Phenomenal stable up time

     Oldies 24/7 channels                                          Dynamic movies upgrade channels


      Taxes included


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